Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night Time is the Right Time

Aretha Franklin reference aside, I am not a morning person. As far as I'm concerned 7am is still night and there can be no earthly reason to face the world at such an ungodly hour. So you can imagine my horror when a very cheery, very cruel telemarketer chose 7:13am to wake me from my slumber to inform me about the benefits of changing phone services. My response was to hang up the phone, crawl back under the covers and mutter to myself about sadistic telemarketers until I resumed my comatose state. Don't telemarketers realise that weekends, like tea time (dinner time for non-Australians) are out of bounds? I mean really. Okay, now that I've finished venting please feel free to ignore this post.

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  1. Great post.

    Oh, and I've seen the picture in your header before...I can't remember where. Cute blog.


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