Sunday, December 13, 2009

All The Stars Were Crashing Down As I Laid Eyes On What I Found

As the year draws to a close, the majority of fashion magazines have been reflecting of the fashion hits and misses of 2009. What worked, what didn't, what amazed us (Dion Lee's debut collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week) and what didn't (Lindsay Lohan being named "artistic advisor" at Emanuel Ungaro). It was Kristie Clements (Vogue Australia) editor's letter that eloquently captured that past year in the fashion world. Below are a few excerpts.
  • Knock-offs Can Turn a Good Trend Bad

Take the extended Balmain shoulder as a case in point; copied at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week a mere six weeks after the Balmain autumn/winter show in Paris. While we expect high street chains to copy styles, it's another thing entirely when those who are supposed to be designers do it.

  • Designer Fashion Collections by People Who Are Not Designers

The consumer sees right through it. It's crazy that someone as talented as Christian Lacroix should be in financial woe, while the once venerable house of Emanuel Ungaro hires Lindsay Lohan as "artistic advisor". There's nothing creative, or long-lasting about hype.

While I believe that appropriation is an inevitable part of the design process (think the renewal of 80's power shoulders), I completely agree with Clements that such blatant copying is not only lazy, but lacks imagination. I loved the Camilla & Marc spring/summer collection, but it was disappointing that the Balmain influence was so evident in their designs. What do you think?

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  1. I would have to agree with you on the fashion collaborations by designers who are not designers front. I don't even think Lindsay is a particularly admirable figure fashion-wise, but each to their own and all that!

    I don't know how I feel about knock-off trends... being too poor to afford most designer items (unless they're ridiculously reduced in the sales)it often feels brilliant to find a catwalk knock-off on the high street. However, designers copying off other designers is a little cheeky. Then again, the line between inspiration and flat out copying is a very thin one!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  2. I love Balmain but I don't like it when I see similar designs on the runway! It makes me lost respect for the designer because they're supposed to be creative and use their imagination to do something new. I was shocked when I learned about Lindsay for was the worst decision a design house can make. xoxoxoxxo

  3. why copy? there is much more to be done....

  4. nice blog, i love camilla and marc! but yeah i do agree with you though.


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