Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Delfina Delettrez & Pamela Love

Insects scare me. Spiders and all their creepy crawly friends with their hairy legs and what not are terrifying. Seeing as I lived in Queensland (the home of the giant cockroach) for a few years I don't think my fear is unfounded. So I'm a little surprised that I kind of love Delfina Delettrez's (daughter of Silvia Venturni Fendi) one-of-a-kind skull and insect jewellery collection. Sure it's a little weird, some of it's not so great, but the pieces that work are romantic gothic jewellery at its best. The spiders, scorpions and skulls are softened by ladybug, frog, bee and seahorse charms all in gorgeous vibrant jewel colours. I might not like loads of colour in my clothes but I love colourful accessories, the more unusual the better (a vintage cuff with English Terrier motifs is on high rotation). New York jewellery designer Pamela Love also makes romantic gothic jewellery in a more bohemian, earthy style. Unlike Delettrez, I love all of Love's creations. From the sterling silver shark jaw necklace to the bronze talon cuff and sterling silver crab claw and pearl ring. I'm hoping somewhere along the line their gorgeous designs are diffused into a cheaper, more student friendly prices.
Image: iht.com

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