Monday, March 9, 2009

My Current Obsessions

Being a university student and having an income that is extremely limited at best, my ability to fill my wardrobe with fabulous designer clothes is nothing more than a lovely Dior filled dream (hence the constant sense of heartbreak). However, due to an overactive imagination and a compulsion to read every fashion magazine that comes my way, I can still fantasize about spending the income of a small European nation on Marni platform heels and Chanel metallic totes. Therefore, below is a list of my current (unrealistic) obsessions.

1. Balmain (pictured above). From the acid wash jeans to the studded heels and the military inspired blazers, my dreams are filled with structured tailoring and all that glitters.
2. Alexander Wang. I only wish I could work the model off duty look.
3. Diane Von Furstenburg for her colourful tie-dye maxi-dresses.
and finally...
4. Christian Dior. I'm not a huge fan of the Africian inspired prints and accessories this season, but the models looks so good it's easy to forget a mere mortel would struggle to pull off the majority of the looks.

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