Monday, April 13, 2009

Givenchy Ready-to-Wear 09

I've become quite a bit obsessed with shoes, heels in particular. Having bought my first pair in five or so months (a lot of flats were bought in the mean time) only last week, all I can think about is purchasing a new pair. A platform heel in cobalt blue perhaps, or maybe a sleek black leather ankle boot? I can't decide. Either way if I could quadruple my income and suddenly come into a truck load of moolah, I would spend every cent on the above Givenchy Fall 09 heels. I love studs and feathers just by themselves, so when they're mixed together in such gorgeous creations I get a little giddy. Aren't they beautiful? Especially the studded heels top right and the over-the-top feather embellished boots bottom right. I think I might be overdosing on shoes.

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