Thursday, April 30, 2009

RAFW - Nicola Finetti

Please forgive my lack of posts during this critical time (critical being a slight exaggeration) of RAFW, but my A/C adaptor decided to die on me and therefore I have been computerless for the past few days. However as I have an assignment due tomorrow (which I am currently taking a break from) my lovely friend Jenny (previously mentioned) has lent me hers, which means my computer once again has life. Now just a warning, prepare yourself for an onslaught of posts on all the magical fashion moments I've missed. To begin with: Nicola Finetti, my favourite collection showcased on day one. The turn of the century french romance mixed with the modernity of clean lines and impeccable structure created the kind of clothes I unashamedly covet. Nicola Finetti always manages to create lust worthy clothes, but what I adore most is that while many designers were experimenting with pattern he chose to create a collection that played solely with colour and line.

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