Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Shame

There are many things that I can't do. Speak French for example or cartwheel without somehow hurting myself. I'm sure given a lack of distractions and some serious help I could probably speak french, however I will never, never be able to wear flesh toned clothes. I'm blonde and have fair skin, as in fair skin like Anne Hathaway fair skin. This means that I must at all costs avoid nude apparel as I don't wish people to think of me as a washed up c-grade actress who turned to drugs to overcome her loneliness in the big city. The problem is I am nearly always drawn to sheer nude coloured clothes. They are so delicate and feminine and look gorgeous on everyone else, not mention that nude is such a great autumn/winter staple. Basically I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, but nothing a cup of tea and the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar won't fix. Images:

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